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Rathee Law Firm P.C.

Rathee Law Firm P.C. is a professional and leading law firm with experience in a wide scope of fields, including but not limited to immigration, business, family law, divorce law, and estate planning. Our distinguished New York practice has made a name for itself amongst the international community as word of our outstanding achievements has spread. Our team of experienced attorneys are committed to client care and handling the work of our growing clientele on a personal basis. This personalized attention allows our firm to provide quick and effective counsel.


Here, at Rathee Law Firm, we dedicate the time and attention needed to handle even the most complex of cases. We prioritize the individual needs of its clients and understand their culture. Our team of legal professionals are always on the forefront of new U.S. immigration laws and new business requirements to provide the most up-to-date advice to our clients. Our firm’s ready access to this constantly changing information and experience with these matters has proven to be invaluable to clients. We pride ourselves on our thorough and diligent work with respect to these matters.

Rathee Law Firm P.C. provides representation in many areas of U.S. law. We have the resources to tackle complex immigration related issues, prepare corporate contracts, and handle family law cases seamlessly.  

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